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Grace that is greater than all our sins!

In the past seven months or so, God’s grace has been sometimes not in the forefront of my mind….where it should be!

When I sin, I break fellowship (friendship; association; company; partnership) with God, the Father and it is like nailing Jesus to the cross again to pay for my sin.  That is a daunting thought in and of itself.  Living with the guilt (what will my family think?, what will my co-workers think?) is the human reaction, the spiritual reaction is not as “felt” as it should be perhaps.  I am grateful for the encouragement of the November 17, 2014 Max Lucado post: where Max helpfully states, “Is guilt having its way with you? If so, here is a promise from Isaiah 1:18: “No matter how deep the stain of your sins, I can take it out and make you as clean as freshly fallen snow.” God can do what no one else can.  He can extract every last mark from your soul.”  If you have that “living guilt”, walking around with you, the shame, the defeat and the despair, as Max writes:  “Tell Jesus what you did. Do it as often as needed. One time, two times, ten times a day? By all means! Hold nothing back. No sin is too ancient or recent, too evil or insignificant.”  

These are one of those revival verses/quotes/sermons, that get me fired up to be renewed to Jesus.   Jesus has forgiven me, can I forgive myself?  We cannot be flippant with sin, unrepentant, however, there is THE way back to God and that is asking (pleading, begging, beseeching) Jesus for forgiveness.  Yes, Jesus knows your sin, do you own up to it?  As Matthew Henry states:  “Not only feel sorrow for the sin committed, but break off the practice.”  A 180 degree turnaround, throwing those things away.  However, those questions come about again, What will my family think?, What will my co-workers think?, what do I do then? – Psalm 51:7 Purify me with hyssop and I will be clean; wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.  Remember what Jesus did for you, ask for your pardon, I don’t want me against you, Jesus – radically transform me—cleanse me, purify me, and make me holy (set apart, sanctified).

Listen to this Bart Millard song, Grace That is Greater, hope it sparks a revival in you as it does in me.