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Hoping all employees feel this way about their boss!

amber sugg

Sam was an exceptional boss.

He had high, clearly communicated expectations.  “Dream big.”  “Think outside of the box.”  Those are words that we creative minds loooove to hear.   But…when it came to basics, I knew exactly what he expected of me as an employee.  I didn’t always agree with his expectations…but I respected them… because they were clearly communicated.   I could relax…there was no “unknown.”  He was simple, straightforward and consistent.

He was awkwardly encouraging.   Weekly, he would stop in my office just to say he appreciated me.  Not, “We love the work you do” or “You’re great.”  He said the words, “Amber, I appreciate you.”  It freaked me out at first.  “Ummm…thanks…but I totally suck at yada yada yada…awkward smile?”   Eventually, I could just confidently say “Thanks.”

He allowed me to minister as “me.”  My job description was established based on the gifts God had given me

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