rejoicing in lament

“when looking for a church, don’t go for the glitz and sizzle. Find a group of people you would want to attend your funeral and look after your family when you’re gone. Then join them.” – wow!

Don't Stop Believing

I remember when I first heard that Todd Billings had incurable cancer. Before I led my class in prayer, I told them that besides being a wonderful man with a young family, Todd was one of the good ones, a blessing to the church that we could not afford to lose. We need him! Todd is humble and God-centered enough to disagree with that last part. But then he went ahead and wrote, Rejoicing in Lament, which kind of makes my point.

I won’t try to capture the rich, pastoral theology that Todd delivers in this book. After all, I’d like you to go read it for yourself, and pass it on to others who are facing their mortality. Here are seven takeaways for me:

  1. Worship with the people you want to bury you. This was just one of the insights that comes from a mind sharpened by the…

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