3 Ways To Prepare for Christmas

Kris Dolberry

We know a thing or two about preparing don’t we? Maybe the idea of preparing resonates with you because you spent a lot of time preparing for an important presentation at the office. Or maybe you remember the huge exam in college that you spent hours preparing for. Or maybe it was your wedding. We all know that when something big is coming– something that’s really important to us, we take adequate time to prepare. In fact, we will likely even inconvenience ourselves for adequate preparation

The same can be said about Christmas, right? From the decorations, to buying gifts, sending the perfect Christmas card, the parties, going to the in-laws’, preparing the big meal, and the list goes on and on. Sometimes we get so caught up in preparing for what culture tells us the holiday is that we don’t have time, money, interest in preparing for celebrating the birth of the one…

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