We Need To Do Better Than the Ice Bucket Challenge


I remember the first time I heard about the Ice Bucket Challenge. It was a few weeks ago when photos and videos of people dumping water on their heads began appearing on Facebook. Soon, I started to see headlines on twitter mentioning one famous person jokingly challenging another. It sounded fun.

I also remember when I found out the Ice Bucket Challenge was started to combat ALS, the neurodegenerative disease my father died from 18 years ago. That was last Saturday. Initially, I was overjoyed all this attention was now focused on ending a disease that had caused me so much pain. My favorite hockey stars were participating, and Ethel Kennedy even challenged the president to douse himself.

But when I looked closer, I became uneasy. No wonder it took me weeks to learn the Ice Bucket Challenge was linked to ALS. Most of its participants, including Kennedy and

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