Nigeria Kidnappings

Somehow Jesus loves those sinners who kidnapped those girls, just as he loves us as sinners right now. Even after we receive the Light of Jesus engraved on our hearts and sin after the saving grace, Jesus loves us. I know our earthly hearts do not love those that have kidnapped those girls, but Jesus does. Our prayer should be: Lord Jesus, I know I am a sinner, even though I have been saved by you, I need your forgiveness just as those kidnappers do. Please rescue those children. I do pray for the hearts of those kidnappers to be turned toward you Jesus.

“The leaders of Boko Haram have clearly never read the Holy Quran, which states quite clearly that “oppression is worse than murder” (2:191) and that nobody “shall force girls to commit prostitution” (24:33).” – Arsalan Iftikhar

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