Jesus Saves Culpable Disturbers of Shalom?

Sin, for Bell, is not a personal violation or rebellion against a personal God but an interruption of an inanimate idea or concept. To be sure, a “culpable disturbance of shalom” may be one of many consequences of sin. – Aaron Meares

Diligent Soul

I’ve recently discovered Rob Bell’s 59-part blog exposition of how he views the Bible. The whole series is probably worth comment but to do so would take more time than I am presently able. But I am compelled to comment on at least his most recent offering (as of this writing). In the post titled “What is the Bible? Part 59: Sin” Bell gives his interpretation of doctrine of sin.

In it Bell utilizes Cornelius Plantinga’s definition: “Sin is culpable disturbance of shalom.” After breaking down his understanding of each of the three principal terms in that definition he continues:

“Sin is anything we do to disrupt the peace and harmony God desires for the world. Here’s the problem with how many understand the word: When sin is understood primarily in terms of breaking or violating or disobeying there’s no larger context to place it in. There’s whatever…

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