How I Am Fed Spiritually

The Earl Family Blog


As a pastor, I have had people ask me, “How are you fed spiritually when you are always trying to feed everyone else?”  I will use this post to try and answer this question.

My first reply is simple: the Lord nourishes me day after day as I meditate on Him and His word.  He does this most often in my private devotions, and while I am preparing to preach His Word to His Body.  My most satisfying morsels of spiritual manna are discovered and consumed while I am seeking God for understanding of a particular text of Scripture, while I pray aloud, and even during times of frustration when I seemingly cannot grasp His Word clearly.  I am reminded of the instruction that Paul gave to Pastor Timothy in Paul’s first letter to him.  After writing the first three chapters – all filled with instruction, exhortation, encouragement, and warning…

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